Gay calendars from AnCare for 2014 of a format 15*20 and 20*30 of cm for the press. Permission 2460*1640 and 1230*1640. In registration the drawings Bastin Marjolein, gay photos of different studios, including Colt, Titan, by MM, EnigmaticBoys, etc. are used. Calendars either Russian-speaking, or English-speaking; also names of months are duplicated in French and Italian languages. Some months are presented in one folder 20*30 in two options (exclusively on your choice - what picture is pleasant, that and we choose).
Type: Photos
Format: JPG
Quantity of a material: 4 folders of 52 photos
Country: Russia
Genre: gay, erotic, solo, full nude

File size: 92.1 MB

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